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Chapter House Renovations!

We brothers of the Delta Tau Chapter of the Kappa Alpha Order are proud to announce that the porch is officially done!

We would like to personally thank each and every alumnus that helped us achieve our dream. Without your generous support, this project never would have happened. We encourage you to stop by sometime soon and take a look around.

Big thanks to our handyman, Jerry Briggs, who made all of the construction work possible. Also we would like to thank Alumni Brothers Hugh Wilcox and Kent Caudle for working together to make this a reality.

2016 Porch Renovation Project
Due to the decaying condition of the back porch at our beloved KA house, we have begun raising money in order to restore the porch to it's former glory. 
Construction began February 20, 2016 

February 29, 2016
The structure of the porch is nearly complete. The rotten boards have been replaced with new treated wood. 

The new sister joy along with triplet boards supporting the structure. The majority of the cross joys are still in remarkably good condition. 

Status of the Porch prior to any renovation. 

The first images of the backbone structure holding up the porch

The rotting condition of critical support beams. Years of shenanigans and poor water control lead the wood to rot.

The main sister joint supporting the cross joys. 

The rotted wood the main beam of the roof is sitting upon. Contractor in the background working steadfast. 

Before Construction

Previous Housing Renovations 

Our newest addition to the Chapter House, more to come!

The Frank Memorial Chapter Room guarded by
the Word of God! - Alumni Brother Lonnie Gaskins
Special Thanks to Kristi Verjans!

Special Thanks to Miss Kelsey Jeffords for her help!

Recent renovations to the walls of the house, new paint!


Used to show the rough conditions the walls were in.

 Damage to the bar room floor.